The State of Being Combined Into One Body

A Collation of Art and Music Through NOISE

This is an art show that expresses elements of Noise through audio, visual, and performance”

When:  March 29th & 30th, 2012
Where:  The Black Lodge (Seattle WA)

Hello Artists,

you are receiving this letter as an invitation to participate in this upcoming event.
Our goal is to fill the main hall at The Black Lodge with art installations, music and multi-media performances to convey the concept of ‘noise.’

First, NOISE gives an appearance of being loud and abrasive, even messy, and sometimes difficult to take in.  But the idea of noise can be considered in other forms as well.  For instance, the everyday noise we hear around us while we are moving about our daily lives or the subtle drones that stay with us where ever we go.

From the Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Definition of NOISE

: loud, confused, or senseless shouting or outcry

: sound; especially : one that lacks agreeable musical quality or is noticeably unpleasant

: any sound that is undesired or interferes with one’s hearing of something

: an unwanted signal or a disturbance (as static or a variation of voltage) in an electronic device or instrument (as radio or television)

: electromagnetic radiation (as light or radio waves) that is composed of several frequencies and that involves random changes in frequency or amplitude

: something that attracts attention

Worth noting and keeping on your consciousness is that we are particularly interested in creating an experience that keeps the installations engaging to people while the performances are happening.  The easiest way that we can pull this off is through multi-media because we can use visual elements while a performance is happening. In essence, a dual performance between the multi-media artist and the musical artist.  Or maybe an art piece that makes sounds that ebb and flow and is heard before, between, and after the musical performances – adding to the sonic space created by the music.  Those are not the only options.  An artist can create a visual experience that expresses the elements of noise without necessarily interacting with the performances or having any audio components.  For instance, an art installation could use movement to create visual noise.

We are not giving you specifics.  These are just springboard ideas for how to create noise through the blend of visual art, music, and multi-media.

Once all artists have been confirmed, we are so close to being there, the names will be announced  and more specifics will come your way and on this site.  We would like a meeting to take place at The Black Lodge (on or around the 15th of February) to familiarize all the artists with each other and the space.


Margot Bird


Nils Petersen

email us @


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