NOISE Artist Profile – Hair and Space Museum


Hair and Space Museum

Hair and Space Museum is the duo of Emily Pothast and David Golightly (who are also the co-founders of the band Midday Veil). HaSM performances are site-specific, multimedia meditations on the generative, cosmic properties of sound.

Emily and David, in as many words as you wish, what is your interpretation of the Seattle Art Scene?

“In my experience, there is no one Seattle art scene, but a rather
fragmented terrain of people working in disparate materials on diverse
creative trajectories. There is something of an academic art scene, a
commercial gallery scene, a co-op gallery scene, a DIY scene, and so
on. It is similar to the music scene in that it is large enough for
there to be some decent opportunities, but also small enough to be
able to keep tabs on the range of what is out there. But while music
(or at least its performance aspect) is a fundamentally social
activity, visual art can be very isolating.  For this reason, I am
interested in events that aim to draw artists out of their caves and
get them to work together on multimedia projects.”  -Emily Pothast

A Double Rainbow in Curved Air

to see a video of this performance (a 12-hour, overnight improvisation at Hedreen Gallery), 


Drone Chamber at NEPO 3, a 6-hour installation/performance in a child's bedroom at NEPO House, 6/5/10.

Drone Chamber at NEPO 3

Drone Chamber at NEPO 3

Images used with the Artists’ permission.  To see more images and videos of performances by Hair and Space Museum, click on the link above.  also,

March 29th Event Schedule:

March 30th Event Schedule:




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