NOISE Artist Profile – Caravan Age/Portable Shrines


Caravan Age/Portable Shrines

Installation Artist/Film Production Designer Rena Bussinger in collaboration with Illustrator/Musician/Music Scene Instigator Aubrey Nehring of Portable Shrines

Caravan Age:
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Aubrey/Portable Shrines:
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Rena and Aubrey, in as many words as you wish, what is your interpretation of the Seattle Art Scene?

“I’ve been involved in the film scene in Seattle since around 2005, as a production designer, set decorator and props master on indie films. The film scene is kind of it’s own little world, but Seattle has been making a big name for itself in that time as somewhat of a filmmaking mecca. In the past year or so, I’ve been pulling away from the film scene in order to explore creating outside of that framework. I’ve found that I’m still interested in creating environments similar to what I do for films, but it’s gratifying to work on installations where a bit of real life unfolds within the piece, instead of a scripted narrative. Once I decided to focus my work in this direction, I’ve found quite a few opportunities to get my work in front of an audience, so I feel supported by the community, but I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that there is some overlap between film and art and music and I have friends who’ve been interested in helping me transition to doing more solo/visual art. Aubrey, my collaborator on this project, has been one of the main forces behind Portable Shrines, (with fellow NOISE artists Emily Pothast and David Golightly) putting together shows, a DJ night, a psych rock compilation album, and an annual music festival, and designing poster/album art and video projections to accompany many of Portable Shrines events. I have been a behind-the-scenes supporter of Portable Shrines, so this project is an opportunity for me and Aubrey to explore the territory where our work intersects. I think we both believe that the art scene or music scene is what you make of it. If you don’t like what’s already out there, make it yourself…connect with others and actualize the scene you want to be part of.”  -Rena Bussinger

Luminous Forest

Luminous Forest



 All images used with the Artists’ permissions.  To see more of what Rena and Aubrey do, or to see more from Caravan Age or Portable Shrines, click on the links above.

March 29th Event Schedule:

March 30th Event Schedule:


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