NOISE Artist Profile – Dan Enders


Dan Enders

Musician.  Painter.  Seattle, WA

Dan, in as many words as you wish, what is your interpretation of the Seattle Art Scene?

“I’m so new to the art scene, that I’m unaware of a lot of things. I mainly have kept my art to myself for so long and focused on music that I’m a little behind on the big picture.  But the art and performances I have witnessed have been amazing.  Saint Genet/Implied Violence was mind blowing.  I have been very surprised of the response to my art and the support within the community.  I would say we do art in trenches unseen to the masses.  Creating culture and refusing to compromise.  When we’re dead they will get it.  When we are dead they will finally look down and see it.” -Dan Enders

All images used with Artist’s permission.

March 29th Event Schedule:

March 30th Event Schedule:


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