NOISE Artist Profile – Troy Gua


Troy Gua

Mixed media and Installation Artist.  Lives and works in Seattle, WA.  Email:

Troy, in as many words as you wish, what is your interpretation of the Seattle Art Scene?

“Insulated” – Troy Gua

Eternal Change, the ceiling of Todd Jannausch's Gallery 206 (phone booth)

Tuesday's Wednesday

Chrysalis (Contents May Shift in Transit)

La Dada Gaga (Marcel Duchamp's L.H.O.O.Q. + Lady Gaga)

The Queens of England (Queen Elizabeth II + Boy George)

Portrait of the Dalai Lama as Colorbandz™

All Images used with Artist’s permission.  To see more, visit the link above

March 29th Event Schedule:

March 30th Event Schedule:


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