NOISE Artist Profile – Jody Joldersma


Jody Joldersma

Lives in Seattle, WA.  Graduated from Pratt Institute in New York City, 1998.
Painter, Scratchboard Artist, and Sculptor.   Email:  JODY@JJOLDERSMA.COM

Jody, in as many words as you wish, what is your interpretation of the Seattle art scene?

“It’s like the episode of Star Trek where Beverly Crusher and Captain Picard were trapped on a planet together, and they were connected together by electrical devices like a dog collar but they could read each others minds after escaping a prison.” -Jody Joldersma

The Cranky Bachelor (detail)

The Grand Grubber

Birth of the Homuncli

Puss Petter

Bringing Sexy Back

Big Deer

All images used with Artist’s permission.  Visit the link above for more of the work by Jody Joldersma


March 29th Event Schedule:

March 30th Event Schedule:


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